Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Sovereignty and Omniscience of God, Topics for Kids and Adults

In the middle of a prayer I found myself saying "You know what's best for me, You know my heart and the end of my paths," and I was instantly reminded of a conversation with my niece Cassy. Back in June I had the opportunity to babysit my brothers three kids and their dog for a weekend. Instant family, just add me. Anyway, while I was there it started to rain, and Cassy told me that when it rains it is because God is crying. Obviously her thinking needed a bit of an adjustment. I told her that rain isn't God crying. That it comes from clouds, but God causes it to rain. That He is in control of all things, and that He made everything. This started a long line of did He make this thing questions, and eventually I told her not only did God make her but He knows her thoughts and He knows every word she will ever say before she says it. A look of amazement covered her face and then she asked, "what am I going to say next?" I couldn't help but laugh a little as I said,"I don't know, but God does."She thought very hard trying to come up with something unexpected to say and then settled for, "hi auntie Sarah." Its a cute story, but I find it funny that I can explain to a seven yr. old that God knows everything, and is in control of everything, and yet as simple as the concept is, it is one I have to remind myself of. When I think back over my life this far it is amazing to see how God has worked. The paths that God has lead me down are paths I would never have imagined. "He knoweth the end of each path I take" to quote a favorite song of mine, but even more awe inspiring He knows every possible path I could take and the ends they would lead me to. And He causes me to choose to path that He has planned for my life. The sovereignty of God, a complicated and yet simple concept. If you get the chance watch the expressions on a child's face as you explain that one.

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