Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Fun Eventful End to A Long Week

It was one of those weeks. Monday morning, I found myself thinking it was Friday. Wrong orders, picky customers, filling in for vacationing route jumpers, lack of sleep, and an account starting up again for fall, all added to the regular routine of work. I couldn't help but think of the sovereignty of God this week. I know how it seems that when something goes wrong allot of things go wrong. And when something good happens, most of life is going good. I started thinking about the fact that nothing happens without a purpose. Have you ever gotten out of bed and stubbed your toe just as a start to your day? Even that is for a reason. Its mind boggling, anyway now that I've finished my rant about the week, on to the fun stuff. Friday, after work, I went to the park. Buttered Corn Days was going on this weekend. I came to see The Zoo Man. He is also my trainer, and I had never seen his show. It was fun to see and hear about some reptiles I wouldn't normally see, and after the show he had me hold his 15ft. snake! That thing was really big. Sorry I didn't have my camera. I believe it was a yellow albino python of some sort. Anyway, It was very large and feels really weird when it starts to slither, but it was fun. Saturday morning was started with a 5k run. I would never have thought that I would be in a run, but I finished! And I wasn't even the last one. I now have a medal for running. That's pretty cool. After some mini golf came the main event. A boxing match between Brent and Joe (my trainers) and John Janke from SAM radio. It was a makeshift ring with sock 'em bop 'em gloves instead of regular gloves. 3 Rounds with no decided winner, it was fun. Especially since John's partner didn't show and I wound up filling in. :) The day was ended with some blue grass/gospel music from Stan and Connie Rasmusen, joined later by Leah Siefkes. All in all I liked the end of the week much more than the beginning.

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