Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gifts From God

Thursday, my dad called to tell me he would be home this weekend. He is a cross-country truck driver, so we never know if he will be or not. Anyway, since he was gonna be home, and his birthday is this Wednesday, I drove down. Midnight on a Friday evening I walk through the door to find home-made pizza waiting for me. :) Always a good start. The whole weekend was nice, and it was good to spend time with my family, but what sticks with me the most was Saturday afternoon at the fair with my brother's kids. Charlie's big ketchup covered smile. Cassie, trying to keep her plate from blowing away when she picks up her pizza. Madison, bursting into tears at the thought of having to climb a net, and having the guy in charge let her out the back way. Both girls, sitting in bumper cars trying to figure out why they won't move. and Cassie spinning aroung in circles, once she found the gas pedal. Hearing my sister-in-law say that the kids get all excited when they hear we are coming over. Listening to Charlie walking around saying "hi' to everyone, except my dad, then its "Howdy Hi." The way he pronounces my name, "Sawah." And seeing my dad's face as he gets to hear Charlie say "grandpa." These are some of the gifts God gave me this weekend. We were not able to spend the past seven years with Joe and his family, long story, but what a blessing to be able to spend time with them now. I don't think anyone could top Charlie's gift to my dad. He sang"Happy Birthday." God made those kids very sweet, and if you were aware of the situation, that song coming from him was enough to melt your heart.

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Ana said...

The little, everyday things are the things that sometimes seem to surprise us most, to show is God's love and care. :) I'm so happy you've been blessed with such a wonderful family!