Sunday, August 10, 2008

God Only Faithful. God Only Wise

When your all alone in darkness, and tears run down your face. When your heart is longing for a voice, or someone to embrace, When your sure the loneliness of the night will never end, and you will never find a way to being useful once again. When life’s cares surround and you lose sight, You are not left alone to fight this fight. God only faithful. God only wise. He is the one. Who will always hear your cries. Into the darkness He sheds His light, God only faithful, God only wise. He is the friend who’s there in the night. He is the one who causes fear to take flight. In life’s saddest moments, He has a perfect plan. He knows the beginning, and He knows the end. His truth is the light to take the darkness away. His truth is the key to finding your way. God only faithful. God only wise. Who shepherds the flock, and leads even through the night.

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Leah said...

How comforting!