Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Nieces and Nephew

Hey everyone I thought I'd share some pics of my brother Joe's kids.

Madison is on the right in the red cleats, and Cassandra is on the left in the blue ones.
Yep you guessed it. They are twins. Seven years old. This was their first year playing soccer. Notice the untied laces in Cassie's picture, funny.
Here is Charlie, age 4, with his blanket, Kikki.
Three guesses who named it.
He is such a cutie.


Ana said...

AHHHH. Charlie just made my day!! :) He is the CEE-UTEST!!!!! Look at those blue eyes!! Ahh, yum!! And I love the new blog layout! It's very nice.

Melissa said...

You were right.I love the pictures. That Charlie...