Sunday, July 27, 2008

Poster Board Doors

I have recently decided to clean and organize my apartment. For those who have been here its shocking I know, but I'm almost done! and I will post pictures of my apartment once its completely in order. Until then here is a project you might enjoy. (Or it might just convince you that I am in fact nuts.) Poster Board doors.

I went to Walmart, a great start for most of my projects, bought four thick poster boards. I taped two together and taped the other two together, as you can tell from the picture. One long piece of tape on each side for hinges and presto I have doors on my shelves.

The hook you see is a regular Christmas ornament hook latched onto two ornament toppers that I hammered through the poster board and taped in place.

The door handles are made out of two slivers of cardboard cut from the packaging of the tape I bought. I folded each end and taped them on also. I think I will probably decorate them at some point, but this was an easy inexpensive way to keep my kitties off my shelves. its been almost two weeks and the tape still holds.


Nikki said...

You apartment looks so nice! And I like the ingenius idea that you had for home-made doors! Sounds like something David would cook up. :) Gotta keep those kitties out!

Leah said...

Way to be creative!! Wahooo for kitty-proof doors!