Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Belated New Year, Stories from 2009

Well, here we are almost an entire week into the new year and I am just now getting around to posting something about it. As someone pointed out to me just yesterday, I need to update my blog more often. I can not believe it is 2010. It seems that every year goes by faster than the year before, which is funny because there are still times that life seems to really drag on, but it still happens so fast. My reflections on 2009 are not much different than my list of things to be thankful for at Thanksgiving. What is funny is that although I am often very busy, and going a week (or sometimes a few days) without talking to my closest friends usually leaves me with many stories and events to fill them in on, when I make it to the end of this crazy eventful year, I look back and think, "what did I do all year?" Sometimes it seems that life is so busy that I lose track of what even happened, but I do remember some events from the year. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stories from my year 2009: I started the year living in my attic apartment, with no job and nothing to do all day, but apply for jobs and workout. By the end of January I started a new job working at a group home. It was the first job offer I received, which is why I took it. The job didn't pay enough to cover my bills by itself, and on my first day I decided I wanted to quit. A month later I was still working there, and I started to like the job a little bit, and because of changes in employees I consistently had overtime for 5 months which more than covered my bills. Almost immediately after my overtime hours went away, God provided me a job working overnights at Walmart (which also gave me my 1st secondary paycheck just in time to pay my 1st mortgage payment). The day after my 1st night at Walmart, I got a call from another company, which I interviewed for. God provided me with another job that paid more than either one of my current jobs. The amazing thing is, not only did God provide me with jobs, and overtime when I needed it, but the very same job that I was planning to quit on my first day had become so special to me that I worked between 60 and 100 hrs almost every week for 5months rather than quit. God used me to make a significant impact on the people that I took care of, gave me opportunities to witness to co-workers, helped me get a slightly better awareness on the needs of people around me, and gave me some much needed friends all through this job that I originally didn't like. Good example of why I want God in control of my life instead of me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In May I took a walk, and saw a house that I was interested in buying and called the realtor on the for sale sign. A week later I was waiting anxiously for a few days to be preapproved for a mortgage so I would be able to put an offer in on a different house before someone else beat me to it. The day I was able to put my offer in the bank had dropped their asking price a few thousand dollars. God's timing is so perfect. Approximately 1 month later, I closed on my house after jumping through several hoops. I wound up closing just under a week before I had to be out of my apartment, which I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to close by that time until a week before. Again, God's timing. By the time I closed on my house, God had provided almost all my furniture for the house, and He also provided friends to move and store my furniture. I have now lived in my house for approximately 6months. I had to replace the float in my toilet, and put the face back on a kitchen drawer, but my house was in pretty good shape. I have since caught 3bats, had one bat fry a circuit board in my furnace, had to use an auger on my toilet (never heard of one before I bought it), had my upright freezer break, just recently had my bathroom sink stop up suddenly and ,after an entire bottle of draino type gel failed, I jiggled a chain thing in the back of the sink and it worked. God provided the money and the resources to fix all these problems, and to pay more than the minimum on my mortgage. God also provided me with some extraordinary friends, who helped me a great deal by doing an insane amount of tree trimming and pruning, which was needed because of the jungle growing on my house. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My final story of 2009 took place on December 30Th. After spending a few hours playing games with church members at our New Year's party, I left to go work a shift that I originally was not scheduled to work. A couple miles out of town a semi trailer was blocking almost the entire road. There was however, just enough space to drive around the semi. Unfortunately there was a bit to much snow and ice on the edge of that opening, and after some spinning tires and some driving a foot forward and then a foot backward I managed to get my car completely stuck in a big pile of snow. I made a phone call to a friend at church, and approximately 10min later 5 men from church were there working on getting my car back on the road. I don't know why exactly God chose for me to get stuck, but I have no doubt that He caused me to be on that road at that time, and to get stuck where I did. Just as He provided the men to get me out of that snow, and worked in their hearts to want to come dig me out in the middle of a very cold evening. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------There are many more stories and subplots of 2009, but those are some of the examples of things God has done in my life over the past year. I ended the year in my house, with one job that pays more than any other job I've ever had, and with new friends to hang out with and a play to work on during some of my newly aquired free time. I have been the recipient of tremendous blessing this year, and God has directed my path down roads I would never have thought to take. He has provided over and above my needs, and yet again I end another year as a totally different person than the year before. I wonder what God will do this year.

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