Monday, January 18, 2010

The Land of The Snow People

As I was working on my winter wonderland, I stumbled unto something amazing. Right there in my very own attic, I found a portal to another world, the world of the snow people. To my amazement I found myself having a conversation with a snowman! Although, I was corrected on that word fairly quickly (aparently, they prefer snowpeople, its more politically correct.) The snow people shared with me some of the mysteries of their land. I couldn't believe how warm it felt, and how it could be that people made of snow weren't melting, but then they informed me that the portal actually allowed me to feel the snow and cold the way the snow people feel it. Too bad I can't have that power in the frigid Minnesota weather. This time of year the land of the snowpeople is pretty empty as most of the inhabitants come to Minnesota for vacation on people's lawns, but some of the snow people stay and give tours to people like me who find the portals. It is quite an educational experience. Feel free to stop by and see the drifts and the beautiful display of lights, but be warned the snow people will not speak to visitors who do not reside in the house containing the portal. Also, they told me the portal will close before the end of winter, and will never be able to be opened again.....and people say adults have no imagination. ;)

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Nikki said...

That was funny, Sarah. ☺