Thursday, August 20, 2009

Updates in the Life

Hello out there in the blogging world. I realize I have not posted anything for a long time, and honestly I doubt I will be posting things very often, but just in case there are still a few people reading this blog here is an update on my life in the past 7months. Work, more work, stopped going to the gym, got a different boss and different coworkers, more work, trained people in, more work, work slowed down, bought a house and move out of the attic, had lots of people over to see the house and also had a super fun slumber party, started working at walmart on top of HSI, stopped working at walmart and started working for Greater Minnesota Family Services, cut back hours from HSI, and recently rejoined the gym. That is the extremely abreviated version of the last 7months I was not posting. I am currently working alot, sleeping some, getting to the gym occcasionally, missing church more than I'd like to, but enjoying my jobs and the opportunities they give me to learn, to serve others, to witness, to stop thinking about myself for a few minutes a day, and to challenge my thinking and understanding of others. (I am actually posting this from work.) Well, that's all for the update, I may become ambitous and post a real thought before the night's done, but no guarantees.

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