Saturday, November 21, 2009

Painting to the Glory of God

Last weekend Cheryl from my church sacrificed 8hrs of her Saturday to help me transform the look of my upstairs room. We pulled down a border, spackled, scraped, primed, and double coated the walls in paint. All the while I talked her ear off again (same thing happened the previous weekend when I was helping her run a table at the women's expo.) believe it or not the blue was actually darker than it looks in these pictures. It was alot of work, but the company and the results made the effort worthwhile.


Isabelle said...

Wow! I forgot what a difference it made when we were finished. Yes, it was a lot of work, but for me, it was the talking, laughing, music (Christmas music...YES!!) singing, and overall ENTERTAINMENT that made for a great, great Saturday! And I still have BOTH my ears so you'll have to try harder next time to talk them off! C-

Sarah said...

You know, I am starting to think I should charge for my entertainment services. ;) I had fun too, and I hope to have many more oportunities to attempt to talk your ears off. :D